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 Clan Recruitment Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Recruitment Rules   Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:48 am

The clan recruitment threads is for people who want to start a group of people who want to do the same things.

Mostly your all here to make PK/CLAN

Anyways here are the basic rules for these threads please read.

#1. Please do not discuss or post unrelated things in the clan recruitment threads, in each clan thread it is a place to apply and accept not a place to discuss or congratulate or flame others.

2. Don't flame other clans, if you have something to discuss, please do it in Clan Discussions section of the forums

3. Respect each other, and REMEMBER THE #1 RULE *This is clan recruitment's section so don't discuss or flame each others THREADS*

Breaking the rules multiple times or even an extreme case will get you banned on the forums.
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Clan Recruitment Rules
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