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 Donaters Get For Donating

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PostSubject: Donaters Get For Donating   Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:32 am

This thread will show you what you get for donating to RevengeScape


- Custom Yell [Donater]
- Ability To spawn rares
(More rares will be added everyday)
- New location that you can tele to
- Lounge Area
- Custom Sit Command
- Instant cash of 2mil with ::cash
- New pvp area for the donaters
- Skills e.g. herblore
(Pots will be removed from the spawn today since im fixing it, donaters will be able to steal them from there custom location)
And more that the staff will choose

Also to the people that are donating keep in mind we are not selling Staff spots our staff have been chosen. all staff spots are full.
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Donaters Get For Donating
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