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 Official RevengeScape Rules~

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PostSubject: Official RevengeScape Rules~   Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:23 am

Yes well every server has these Smile
They aren't hard to follow.

1) Respect all Staff, Moderators, Administrators, even forum Staff.
2) Do not ask for a Staff Position, if we think you deserve it, we'll contact you.
3) Bad language isn't encouraged, very bad language can lead to a Ban. (Racist Language)
4) No types of Scamming. ~ Be it Real life or Game.
5) As it is a 525 Server, which hasn't been worked on, there are several bugs and glitches.
If you've found one, please don't abuse it but report it to a member of staff who will pass
It to an Administrator.
6) Don't Advertise your Website, we all get irritated when people start advertising.
If you'd like your friend to check something out, send it via Private Messaging.
7) If you see a Staff Member, who's abusing their powers, please contact an Administrator with
proof (Picture, Video, Witness) and we'll further investigate.
(Last) Have fun during the stay Smile

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Official RevengeScape Rules~
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